Community Communications Network

We want you in the Community Communications Network (CCN)!

As a trusted source of information for your community, we need your help redistributing health and safety information! 

  • Receive timely health and safety information from Public Health
  • Redistribute to staff, volunteers, partner/like agencies, residents/clients timely health and safety information as appropriate and throughout an emergency (Agencies should develop its own strategy of how information is shared internally to staff and externally to clients); 
  • Report to Public Health (as appropriate) the needs of staff, volunteers, partner/like agencies, residents/clients, and/or report essential situational information (be the “eyes and ears” for Public Health) to facilitate response and recovery during an emergency.

    Information sent from Public Health falls into three categories of messages (usually email):
  • Health Alert: conveys the highest level of importance; warrants immediate action or attention. After-hours contact information may be used to contact organizations.
  • Health Advisory: provides important information for a specific incident or situation such as: natural disasters, severe weather events, disease outbreaks, product contamination, and other events.
  • Email updates: a non-emergency message that offers a mechanism to stay connected to Public Health and informed about opportunities that may benefit organizations and their clients or staff.

We also encourage you to enroll in additional real-time alert systems that will help keep you, your family, staff and community safe!

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